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Welcome to our FAQs page! We understand that you may have some questions about our products and services, and we’re here to provide all the answers you need. Check out the common queries below to gain more insights into Waver Store’s self-care and household items. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, feel free to contact our friendly customer support team.

Yes, we currently serve customers in both Canada and the USA. Enjoy the convenience of shopping high-quality self-care and household items from anywhere in these regions.

At Waver Store, we take pride in curating premium self-care items that prioritize your well-being. Our products are carefully selected for their effectiveness, safety, and eco-friendliness, ensuring you experience true indulgence and care.

Absolutely! We offer reliable doorstep delivery services for all your purchases. Once you place an order, sit back and relax while we bring convenience and quality right to your doorstep.

Availing the 30% discount is easy! Simply enter the code “WAVE30” during checkout, and the discount will be applied to your first order automatically. Embrace the savings and start your journey towards a more comfortable lifestyle.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not happy with a product, you can initiate a return or exchange within 30 days of delivery. Please refer to our “Returns and Exchanges” policy for detailed instructions and guidelines.